Typical Day

Activity Time
Breakfast serving Toast, cereals, Fruit or yoghurt.7.30am – 9am
Garden times each room accessing a range of free choice play within our secure Gardens.9am – 9.45am
Activity time the children will be able to play with activities set up either inside or outside making this a free flow choice of activity.9.45am – 11am
Garden time11.30am – 11.30am
Lunch time (Please see our range of menus based for the term e.g Summer and Winter menu)11.30am – 12pm
Toddlers sleep time12am – 2pm
Quiet time for preschool including access to garden and story time.12am – 12.30pm
Activity Time and free flow.1.30pm – 3pm
Garden time3pm – 3.45pm
Tea3.45pm – 4.15pm
Garden Time weather depending.4.15pm – 5pm
Going home time.5pm – 6pm