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At the Bright Stars Day Nursery we communicate as much as possible with our parents. We build good staff – parent/carer relationships to create a level of “respect” and “trust” and promote honesty and openness. Key workers are sometimes given personal information and they should be aware of maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

Staff will share information with other staff on a need to know basis.

All information regarding all children and families will be passed on to management.

All staff are aware they should never discuss a parent or child with other parents/ carers and that any information passed on to any other agencies is done so with the parents knowledge and consent.

Safeguarding Children

During Safeguarding procedures, confidentiality is even more vital and should be maintained throughout the referral process. All staff are aware of our Safeguarding Children policy and procedure and would follow this through. Parents would be made aware of the nursery’s duty to report a suspected case of abuse or neglect.

Record keeping

All information received about children and their families (written or verbal) is kept confidential.

Any records or written information about a child or family is kept private and in files. This information is only used professionally and would only be shared with other agencies with the consent of the parent (except in ‘safeguarding’ referrals).

Parents are made aware that their child’s records will be made available to them on request.

Accident and incident folders and other information relating to individual children that is kept in the child’s room are always kept confidential from other parent/carers and visitors. When signed accident/incident forms need to be put away back into the Accident folder.

Information about a child’s dietary requirements and any allergies a child has, will be displayed for all staff to see and parents will be informed of this. We feel that it is vital that this sort of information is immediately available for everyone including volunteers and students.

All documentation relating to an individual child will be retained for a reasonable amount of time after the child has left the setting.

Visitors and Volunteers

At times the nursery has students and people from other agencies visit the setting. The visitors must all adopt our policy on confidentiality and are made aware of keeping any information etc confidential including the child’s identity.


Any information received during the recruitment process is kept confidential between the management team and candidates at all times. All unsuccessful applications are shredded to ensure all personal information is kept confidential at all times.

Staff supervisory and staff Appraisals are conducted annually and any discussions that take part in this time are kept confidential between the staff member and the management team.

We adhere to the data protection act at all times.

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